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Bex query: Mixture between exception aggregation and constant selection

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I have a requirement to calculate the price effect of the yearly average price of last year to the monthly average price of the current year. Following calculations are working:

- Average price current year for each month: Exception aggregation, sales by month / sales quantity by month

- Averge price last year for whole year: Exception aggregation, sales last year / sales quantity last year

- Average price last year for whole year: --> constant on calender year/month in query

- Delta price average price current year - average price last year for whole year (constant), calculated for each month current year

- Delta price * sales quantity current year (needed to use the Fix-operator in the formula)

The whole setup is working in the query - as long as calender year/month is in the drilldown.


As soon as I remove the drilldown on year/month the effect (delta price * sales quantity) shows 0. I think the example attached shows the problem quite well.


Thanks for any hint/comment.

Kind Regards,


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