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BEx Query Authorization Error

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I have created a query in BEx analyzer.

When i try to execute it it is showing the Erros "No authorization for query".

Can u plz give me the solution.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to ask the Security or Basis team to assign required dags and roles to your id. Then only you can execute the query. Also you should be having the authorization for the multiprovider on which you have created the query.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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firstly execute the report from RSRT screen. after you received the autorization problem message, use SU53 transaction to see which object received the autorization problem.

if you send name of this object to basis team, i think they can give you the required autohrization.



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Before setting up reporting authorizations, create authorization objects. Without authorization object user may not have the appropriate authorizations. You create authorization objects for reporting as and when you require them.

These authorization objects are defined:

Business Explorer/Components : S_RS_COMP - Authorization for using different components for the query definition

Business Explorer/Components: S_RS_COMP1 - Authorization for queries from specific owners.

Business Explorer/Components: S_RS_FOLD - Display authorization for folder.

Business Explorer - individual tools: S_RS_TOOLS - Authorizations for individual Business Explorer Tools

BEx Broadcasting authorization for scheduling: S_RS_BCS -

Authorizations for the Registration of Broadcasting Settings for Execution

The authorizations for MultiProviders are always checked by the authorization object S_RS_MPRO.

In NW04s:

Authorization Objects for Working in the Business Explorer (object class RS):

Business Explorer – components/S_RS_COMP - Authorizations for using different components for the query definition

Business Explorer – components/S_RS_COMP1 - Authorization for queries from specific owners

Business Explorer – Components/S_RS_FOLD - Display authorization for folders

Business Explorer – individual tools/S_RS_TOOLS - Authorizations for individual Business Explorer tools.

Business Explorer – Enterprise Reports/S_RS_ERPT - Authorizations for BEx Enterprise Reports

Business Explorer - BEx Web Templates (NW 7.0+)/S_RS_BTMP - Authorizations for working with BEx Web templates

Business Explorer – BEx reusable Web items (NW 7.0+)/S_RS_BITM - Authorizations for working with BEx Web items

BEx Broadcasting authorization for scheduling/S_RS_BCS - Authorization for registering broadcast settings for execution.

Hope it helps.