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BEx Query: Attribute not display Unit of Measure (UOM)

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In a BEx I am trying to create a query that displays attributes to 0EMPLOYEE. One of the custom attributes is the employee's rate of pay. We have the hourly rate, nightly rate, etc. This attribute is a numeric attribute with currency assigned as the Unit of Measure. I am trying to create a query displaying the pay rates from the attributes of 0EMPLOYEE but remove the unit of measure in the output. I am aware this can be done on key figures using the NODIM formula. How can I remove on an attribute?

Example: Output is $10.25 UOM. I want it to display as $10.25.


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Create a Formula Variable with Replacement Path for this Attribute.

Use NODIM function for the Formula Variable.

Let me know if it works according to your requirement.



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Yes, that worked. Thanks.