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BEx mandatory variable in Dashboard

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Hi Guys..

this is very simple one, hope you can answer it easily !
(I am using dashboard designer, BO4, SP3)
I have 2 queries in dashboard, added thru Query Browser.

Query 1 has got BEx mandatory variable - Fisc Month, Query 2 has mandatory BEx variable which calculates month based on Query 1 month selection.

I want only one selection component on dashboard screen (which selects month for Query 1) and Query 2 month would be calculated inside the spreadsheet as per Query 1 month and passed to Query 2.

Query prompt selector for Query 1 month selection is good, but how to pass that value to Query 2 month ? (Excel binding is disabled for BEx mandatory variables, see screenshot).

What is the solution ?

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Hi Pratik,

You need to maintain default values on your mandatory variables in your bex queries and bind your query 2 prompts to a cell in your worksheet through "Insert list of values" instead.

This should do the trick.