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Bex Doubts:

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Hi All,

1. What is NoDIV0? When use it? example?

2. What is NoDIM? When use it? example?

3. When I try to open an old qry, it says : "some objects are not found during the last server access" . press Repair button to resolve or Cancel button.what it means?

4. "Grade-Div" structure is reusable? Do you really want to change Changes really effect other queries(Yes/No).what it means?

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Nodiv0 is used to avoid display error in a query when divede a number by zero.

Nodim is used to suppress currency or unit of misure display; it is usefull if you have to summarize different unit to have a total; otherwise bex display *.

If you remove characteristics from a cube, when you open the query it will display the massage you said; pressing repair it will remove this char. from the query.

If you use a structure in a query (Grade-Div), when you doble click on it it give you this message because this structure could be used in other query; chainging it will change also the other query.

Hope it helps.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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HI San and Polo,

I am very thankful about your replies.

With examples its very clear to me.

And please clarify one more:

In querey column Captions:for example

QtyIssued---$'s Issued are fomula's

displyed captions as


Why these 2 formulas text are not displayed with full text like QtyIssued---$'s Issued?

I checked in properties of the KF all settings are "Not defined".

Pls advise me..

THanks in advance.



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1) NoDIV0 -> as thename suggest..

example: in your have written

= AMount/Quantity

Consider if Quantity is zero..and you run the will show 'X'..that cell..means divide by zero error.

So to avoid this ..we use

like this

= NoDIV0(AMOUNT/Qauntity)

2) NoDim-> No Dimsension.

Example: in your query you have Amount in Group Currency and Local Currnecy as KF in Two Column and you want to sum them in third column as 'TOTAL' (irrespective of changing the LC currency in GC ).

So, if you do it without using will show '*' value in Query display at all cell..where GC and LC are different.

USage: = NOdim(GC) +NODIM(LC)

3) When you make change like removing some infoobjects and adding some IO in BW backend ..either in ods or cube..and but your still query using those object.

Then normally get this error.

Solution: go to Rsrt and in menu-> envri->delete old abap's and generate queries.

4) When you enter tenchinal name for a structure it becomes global.

For example:

Report1 have layout like this->


Quarter1---Last Quarter2-Last Yr Same Quarter


So, you make a structure for your first report.

Now Say ..report2 ahve same layout like this->


Quarter1---Last Quarter2-Last Yr Same Quarter

Funct Area know that you can use the same struture used in report1.So you make the structire1 as global by giving a Technical name.

So that report2 can use the same structure.

hope i cleared your doubts.