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BEx Docs & Hierarchy

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Hallo SDN!

Here are some queries I encountered while creating queries for users. Hope SDN can help.

How can the user tell that online doc link & Link reference F1 help is avail in report?

How can one set characteristic as a permitted value for property of document in the Shared Tab? I am not sure where this can be set. Is it to specify the multi characteristic combinations under one of the tabs?

What's the difference between copy duplicate node & Transfer Duplicate node as Link?


Adette Rosenthal

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Adette,

In your report right click and goto query properties. here check the options for Display Documents links...This will displaya small page icon in the cell for which documentation is available.

In RSA1, click on Documents, and then click on the Administration button. Then click on Generated Properties. here you may see a list of characteristics that can be used as document properties. To add another charcteristic, you need to go to its maintenance (like through RSD1)and check mark Characteristic is document attribute. The go back to the Generated Properties screen and Generate Document Properties. From your question, I think this is what you were looking for...

In Hierarchy maintenance when you copy duplicate nodes, you make the same node (value) available in more than one place. This is seen in hierarchies with time dependant structure, like A belongs to North from Jan to June 2004 and A belongs to South from July to Dec 2004.

Hope this helps...

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Dear Bhanu,

Thanks for your help.

Please could you throw more hints on how using the other option 'Transfer link' differ from Copy node as link. Is it one if for node value and the other for node itself?

Thanks in advance.



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