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BEx Analyzer - Setting Filter values of Data Provider

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Hi all,

I have a question regarding Analyzer commands for setting filter values. I need to copy a characteristic selection from one data provider to another one, if possible by one single command.

If there is no single function I can obtain filter values of source DP manually (using VBA) and then to pass somehow to the target DP. For setting filter values I use SET_FILTER command, but unfortunately it can pass only single value. Is there any other command or VBA function that would allow me to pass more complicated selection to the data provider?

Many thanks for help,

Best regards,


Edited by: Pavel Stirek on Aug 14, 2008 5:00 PM

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Answers (1)

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Hy Pavel,

I had this problem too.

But I have a solution as a workaround for you.

Good: using VBA and the API-CMd-Button

a) use the CMD-Button from the APIs (Set_Filter ..)

b) create a VBA CMD-Button

within this VBA - button

set all external parameters




collaps ...





c) define a leading query

move or select a navigationvalue by

sheets("sheet").cells(row, col).value = sheets("Analyse").cells(10,3).value

The receiving cell is part of the cmd-Parameters

After your habe placed this parameters in the workarea of your API-Command

you can call your button like: call sheet1.button_7_click

Button_7 will execute the WebAPI-Funktion for you.

I have no more problems


single values

or intervall

Be carefull when using interval,

High and low must be filled and the single value too. (I don't know why)