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Bex 3.X integrate views in Workbook

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i'd like to integrate views in one worksheet:

I have an 3.x environment.

When i go over the "folder icon" -> views i get the view in an new Excel File. When i do this again i get a second new Excel File.

When i go over the "Tool icon" -> "Insert query" i see only queries an no views.

I'd like to integrate views in one worksheet (one different tabs):

anybody an idea?

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Answers (2)

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As workaround i put the same queries on different tabs.

and give the the variables on each tab different values.

Properties -> interaction -> Store variablesans reuse

This works but is not usable for the customer

I have 3 different variables. (ok the are some more but to keep it simple)

- A: date

- B: version

- C: Hierachie node of counties

I have 3 different tabs (each with the same query)

The difference is in variable C (one tab has europe, one asia and one africa)

When i push "actualise" on each tab the variables A, B and C can be edited

So on the tab with label africa you can enter europe and have disorder.

My plan is to have the variable C fix on each tab.

Then "actualise all queries" and enter the variables A: date and B: version valid for all 3 tabs.

So the variables should be entered once and all 3 queries should be actualised.

My idea was to use a view for this but all variables (A, B and C) are stored there and so this seems not to be the best idea.

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You shoudl be able to do this if there is no selection variable for Europe/Asia/Africa

those need to be free chars

As you have done insert the query three times then use the free chars to hard code the hierarchy node in each sheet

Then when the workbook opens you get one selection screen (ie the variables "melt") for selections A and B

Dont use variable C - have that as a a free char and take the variable of restrction of node away

(i do this with a P&L, Revenue summary and costy summary - all one query but in three worksheet tabs with three insert queries - the revenue is hard coded to revenue gl accounts, the cost to cost gl accounts and no restriction on the P&L)

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i agree with Country in the free chart that would work.

But i have a structure in the columns.

in one column i have a selection on Country with the variable C in an other colomn i have no selection

so i can't put Country in the free chart

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I don't think you can automatically put all your reports in one excel work book.

However, you can do this manually by putting all the report sheets into one excel workbook.


Shanker Ramabhotla

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Interesting - I just tried that as I didnt believe it and yes Markus you are right

We do this as a workaround - embedd the query and then drilldown and save the query state inside the workbook

Andf then do the same thign in the next tab

We do this all the time (but yes you have to reformat each time and not use a reusable query view)

I wonder if any of the others have solved it