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Best way to implement a development Solman



We migrated our productive solman system from onprem to RISE. By contract we have an additional solman installation for development, but we don't know which should be the best approach to implementing it:

Should do we install and configure it from zero
Do we make a system copy from production to development?.


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Dear Customer, 

When considering the best approach for implementing the additional Solman installation for development after migrating our productive Solman system from on-prem to RISE, we have two options:

1. Installing and configuring it from scratch: This approach involves setting up a new Solman installation specifically for development purposes. It requires installing the necessary software components, configuring the system according to development requirements, and integrating it with other systems as needed. This option provides a clean slate for development activities but may require more effort and time for setup.

2. Making a system copy from production to development: This approach involves creating a copy of the productive Solman system and using it as the development environment. This option allows for a quicker setup as it leverages the existing configuration and data from the productive system. However, it's important to ensure that sensitive or confidential data is appropriately masked or removed from the copied system to comply with data protection regulations. Please see KBA 3475498 SAP Solution Manager system copy guide

Ultimately, the choice between these two approaches depends on factors such as the urgency of the development needs, the complexity of the configuration, and the availability of resources. For example, if the DEV SOLMAN system is going to monitor the managed systems that don't exist in the PRD SOLMAN, a new installation is suggested. 

It may be beneficial to consult with the relevant stakeholders, such as the development team and system administrators, to determine the most suitable approach for your specific requirements.

Best regards,
Vera Jiang