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Best practises for consumer goods industry

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Hi Experts,

Can any one provide the Best practises for  Consumer goods industry please. i  need to suggest it to client .


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Answers (2)

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your help.

Our client is one of the GlobalConsumer goods provider having retalilers almost 160 countries.

So it is one of the Gobal FMCG Company.

Currently they are using all standard functions so apart from that is there any thing we need to suggest to the client.

Any need ful practices .



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this question is very generic. There are many things to consider, e.g.

- how big is the client. If it´s just a small supplier of goods to a limited number of retailers, the scope will be much smaller than if you are talking about a global company that is dealing with many global retailers, own suppliers and maybe also logistics companies.

- for which area do you require "best practices" ?  

E.g. do you talk about the best practice how to configure the SAP ECC Backend system or some best practice how to do B2B with their partners...or some best practices how to organize their Production planning or their financials ... ?

Please provide some additional information what you are looking for and I am sure that you will get some good answers here.

Kind Regards