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Best practices on code release process and maintaining Central library

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Hi Experts,

Could you please share best practices of release process of Data Services objects from one environment to other environment(dev-->qa-->prod). How efficiently we can maintain the central library. Appreciate your help on this.



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Hi Narayanan,

Don't know if this the best way, but we follow it!!

1. Once you are done with development & testing in your local repo, check in the ds objects to dev_central repo.

2. 'Get latest code' from dev_central repo into qa_local_repo. Have the code tested by the user/business. Once successful, check in the code to qa_central_repo.

3. 'Get latest code' from qa_central repo into prd_local_repo, have a run succesfully and then check in the code to prd_central repo.

Note: During each check-in provide appropriate comments each time. So that you will be able to revert the code to a specific version if/when required.

What I mean by this is DS itself can maintain your version of code in the central repos.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Arun J.