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Best practice for "Portal Appplication in Maintenance"message ?

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I was wondering how you deal with portal applications that go "in maintenance". We now have multiple application area's (HR/PM/CO) integrated in our portal with own developed applications and I was wondering what the best option is if not the entire portal (for portal maintenance) goes down, but you just want to show for example a message "portal application down for maintenance" only for a certain application in the portal

- Do you change the role in which the application under maintenance is and assign it a page with the 'maintenance message'

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Answers (2)

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in our framework, each application on the back end system (SAP) posess 'running' state that is either true or false.

All application iview check the state of their respoective application, and display a logo and message where the app is not running.

thus, no change in the portal if part of the application is in maintenance.

in addition, administrator possess a Iview that allows changing the state of an application.

we're currently discussing changing the state to a tri-state (running, will-be-closed, closed), to allows more flexibility.


Guillaume Patry

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Hi Igor,

in this case, ideally the maintenance message should come from the integrated backend application (in your case the different R/3 modules). So basically you would not have to change anything in the Portal.

If this is not possible or acceptable, just provide some more details on the scenario you are aiming at.