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Best Practice for Custom ABAP development

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We are looking at developing an accident reporting system. The system covers employee's, members of the public, etc.

Someone has set-up some config, that stores each location a object, an infotype record will be created for each person who has an accident... a SAP gui screen has been set-up to a central user so store this information.

Currently if a user enters a personal number, the data is pulled through to the new form infotype form.

I was wondering if this was in fact best practice, an alternative would be to set-up a customer table i.e. ztable, store the data on this table, allow HR data to be pulled through from SAP hr, but create our own RFC's - to delete records, create records, change records, etc

My concern is that by creating and using infotype records, objects we may miss something that retains database consistancy, is it better to develope the system in isolation?


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    Just reading through this quickly, I would submit the opinion that, yes, in general, if you can find an existing infotype that meets your needs and simply extend it with your custom fields, that is the best way to go. In this way, you get the benefits you mentioned (ie. ease of configuring infotype screens to maintain this data) as well as the extra-added HR benefit of delimitted records. When creating a custom "Z" table, the first thing that always comes to mind for me is "who is going to maintain this thing?". Again, just my opinion.....sounds like you got a fun one there!

Chris Solomon

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