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Best DBMS for PowerDesigner Repository

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Hi all,

since we are struggle with heavy performance issues using MS SQL Server as PD Repository DB, did someone compared repositories on different DBMS?

Which one is the fastest one? But let's forget HANA, as SAPs answer to any issue related to a DB other that HANA is "we recommend you to upgrade to HANA".

I can't find such comparison anywhere in the Internet.

What are you guys using in most of the cases? We have often used MS SQL Server, but since few PD Releases it getting slower and slower.... so maybe it's time to think about a migration to other DBMS...



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I think your real question is which database working best for repository.

For SQL Server, read the following

Other than that, there is not much difference.

When you run into performance issue, most likely it is caused by repository size, network traffic, available random access memory, etc.

This is especially true if you are using direct connect.

If you are using proxy server, you need add more cached memory for the server.