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Best ABAP learning resource....

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I'm new to ABAP but not to object prientated programming. I have the "ABAP Objects" book from which I'm trying to learn ABAP.

I'm finding it quite heavy going as there aren't many tutorials \ exercises to try out. Does anyone know of any tutorials or exercises.

Or a book more suited to a beginer.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Simon,

Look here:

before dealing with abap-OO you should

deal with SAP-controls (esp. alv-grid)


1) transaction SE38-environment-reuse library-controls

2) se38-find: search-item : BCALV

3) Serdar's Tutorial easy reference for ole automation.pdf

-> i think, it's an easy introduction to OO

Regards Andreas

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I don't know if I would list it as the best... but the following is a link to ABAP 640 Delta training.


It is delta so it assumes you have some basic ABAP skills and it focuses only on the newer Netweaver technologies in ABAP. However there are quite a few exercises included in the downloadable package once you are ready for them.

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Welcome to SDN.

Check these links for ABAP concepts.




4) ABAP example code



7) SAP Online Help.

9) ABAP Function Modules


11) ABAP Quest

12) Tricks & TIps for ABAP

13) SAP Online Help.

14) symbols & Controls commands

15) ABAP Examples

16) SAP Introduction to ABAP Helps

17) SAP and ABAP Goodies

18) SAP/ABAP Technical site.

19) SAP Functions-ABAP Hints and Tips

20) SAP R/3 Configurations

21) All User-Wxirs



24) User-Exits

25) bakground jobs

26) BAPI step by step

27) SAPscript: Definition of borders, lines, and shading

28) SAP ABAP/4 Programming, Basis Administration, Configuration Hints and Tips

29) SAP Online help Dialog

30) Dilaog Prog.

31) System fields

32) Function of table control

33) Defining table control

34) SAP Repository

35) ABAP

36) Table Maintenance Dialog

37) smart forms

38) Sample ABAP Codes

3 9) Processing Blocks in ABAP Programs

40) ABAP/4 compendium.


42) Additional useful Tips

43) Searach Helps

44) SAP MM (Materials Management) Configuration Hints and Tips




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Hi Simon,

The online help is quite a useful resource, plus it's very comprehensive. You can take a look at (which is for the Netweaver release), but if you check your own online help, you will find it in the ABAP Programming (BC-ABA) section.

Remember that ABAP is traditionally a procedural language, and as such, much of the programming is still procedural. Also, there is quite a lot to know about the ABAP Development Platform, quite a few other concepts to grasp aside from object oriented ABAP (such as Dynpros, the Dictionary, the Repository concept, just to name a few). If you look under ABAP Programming (BC-ABA), you will probably get a better overview of what is involved.