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Beginner Trying to create a Crystal Report letter

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Hi All,

I have a Winforms application with a form on the main page, when the user clicks the save button it sends the contents of all the TextBoxes to a database. so far so good. What I want to do now is, when the user clicks the save button not only will it save the data it will print a letter with the details of the TextBoxes. I don't want to see the form just print it.

I'm assuming that I will need to send the stuff to the database and then call it back to the form using a dataset and some parameters?

I've searched the web but all I can find is a creating tabular report with all the data in the dataset.

I'm completely new to Crystal Reports, I'd never even heard of it before the other day when I was told I needed to create one.

If any one can help or even point me to some good tutorials or even in the right direction it would be absolutely brilliant.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Noelle,

From your description it sounds like you don't really need Crystal at all. You can use the form input directly, along with the VS.NET API to generate an email. I did a quick Google search and found [Sending email from Windows Form|]. There were other links as well, so you may find additional information in running your own search.

If you want to learn more about Crystal Reports and the CR.NET SDK you can start with the sticky post at the top of this forum - [Where to find Business Objects .NET SDK Resources|;. I didn't see many CR.NET samples, but you can download this older [Code Sample|] collection for examples of how to use datasets, print reports, etc. This collection is older, but the code is unchanged. It also includes samples for some of our other SDKs. You'll want to look at the CR.NET folder after you extract the ZIP archive.

You can also visit the [SAP BusinessObjects BI SDK Application Development|] page on SDN, along with the [SAP Crystal Solutions Support|] page. There's a link to the SDK guides on the BI SDK Application Development page, and other helpful information on the Crystal Solutions Support page.

I hope this helps!

Good luck!

Dan Kelleher

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Thanks Dan,

All them links are really helpful.

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