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BDT - save changes when go back

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hi all.

i'm using BDT for GM(Grant Management).

it's working the same as in BP BDT.

when i push 'BACK' button i got a poput alerts me to save

or cancel changes.

i chose 'save' option , but i found out that no changes are saved , both for sap tabs and for customer tabs.

i think the problem occurs from the bdt_customize at events option - event 'XCHNG'.

is the order of th function modules important?

if anyone can help me with this issue i will be very


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Answers (2)

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In XCHNG event a standard function 'BUP_BUPA_EVENT_XCHNG' is called, if you are calling any Z function before this for BUP application and this Z function returns 'X' then the BUP_BUPA_EVENT_XCHNG function will not be called, and standard BP data will not be saved further.

To avoid this call the std function from within the Z function.



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I am having similar problem. I have added custom fields to Ci_GMGR and a whole new tab to GMGRANT. When I save, the information filled on this tab is not getting saved back to DB. Any clues please? I have opened a separate thread asking the same question.



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Any help please.

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Hi Rohen,

Normally when you press back.

You are prompted with the dialog box, that will be triggered in XCHNG fm.

Now if you choose Yes (SAVE). Then the events move forward, as if you pressed the save button.


So provided you have the code ready, to save the custom tables. It should suffice.

Though am little suprised that even SAP tables are not updated, do u mean BUT000 etc.


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hi Pavan.

i ment that no save has been done.

do you use the gmgrant transaction?