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BD12: Massive integration of Masterdata from ERP to CPI fails

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Dear Colleagues,

In our customer's system, when the customer tries to use "bd12" to send out more than 1000 customers(IDOCS) to CPI at the same time most of them are failing. It only works if customer split the workload in smaller groups.

The ADRMAS IDOC failed in ERP side but no error in CPI.

There is following error message occured, and the screenshot has been attached as well:

Problem with SOAP class

execute_processing 1023:SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework:

("Connect to appproxy.ferreronet.local:8080 failed: NIECONN_REFUSED(-10)")

CPI Info:

Artifact name: Replicate Business Partner and Product from SAP ERP

Artifact id:

Version: 1.1.2

Following check has been done by customer already, seems it should be a performance issue rather than network error:

1, Please check if you only send one or two record with bd12/bd14(You can specify the range or id), will the same issue occurs or not? It’s better to differentiate network issue from performance issue first. -> no

2, Just ping appproxy.ferreronet.local from OS level of your server, is the ping test successful finished? ->yes

3, Is port 8080 correct? And is port 8080 opened at host appproxy.ferreronet.local? -> yes, for all connections

4, Check is there any firewall which is blocking the connection to appproxy.ferreronet.local. -> checked

Do you have any idea how to check the potential performance issue between ERP and CPI?

Thanks a lot.

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