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Hello, is anybody thinking about the implementation of a business planning solution? We have serious doubts about the right decision: BW-IP on HANA or BPC. IP has no license costs and is a very powerful tool, but BPC is supossed to be the future.

Have you any insights?


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I believe we have a lot of points to consider here before we decide on a product implementation.

What is the business requirement ?

What is the scale of the operations being performed in planning?

What user groups are going to be involved?

Whats the budget?

Implementation time frame and support?

BPC is altogether a new SAP product you will have to think about licencing support .

there is discussion on BPC Vs IP

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Thanks Sainath,

the point is that we don`t have decentralized planning or budgeting. We are about 30 users that have to budget and everybody uses the templates that the planning and control department gives them.

Excel integration is nice in BPC but you can work in excel using BW-IP.

I think In BPC you have to replicate master data and and the task of implementation is harder and more expensive.

I had seen the links before but all of them are two years old. I couldn`t find a comparation between BPC 10 and BW-IP on HANA, that is my scenario.

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You are correct Javier, the BPC implementation is altogether a whole new project , yes the master data has to be replicated .

From TCO perspective too BPC involves licenses and will need BPC experts to implement and support the same.

From my perspective the BW-IP is for ad-hoc scenarios where the users require data input functionality and the works.

But for a full blown planning scenario you will need to understand the semantics how will the users enter the data how many lines of data need to be entered. How the lock management need to be configured based on user input .

Get a complete view of the exact user requirements -entering data , locking data , how many users, budget and scenarios .

Consider the organizations perspective in implementing a planning solution , a long term view always helps in our basis for selection of the products.