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BC sets to be activated for MDG-F MDG 7.

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Hi Experts,

We are upgrading from MDG 6.1 to MDG 7 and using MDG-F.  We will be upgrading to MDG 7 with service pack 2.

I have noted the following in the Configuration document:

"Note that once you have activated CA-MDG-APP-FIN_EDITION_CR_04, it is not possible to activate the MDG-F 7.0 Feature Pack BC Sets  CA-MDG-APP_FIN_EDITION_05 and CA-MDG-APP-FIN_CR_TYPES_05 without errors.

Does this mean I should only activate CA-MDG-APP_FIN_EDITION_05 and CA-MDG-APP-FIN_CR_TYPES_05 and that I should not activate CA-MDG-APP-FIN_EDITION_CR_04 at all.

Thanks and best regards


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Hello Riaan

I faced lot of issues while activating BC Sets. You have to apply various notes and with that also you may face problems. Better to go for manual configuration of CR types.

Regarding your question - activate only CA-MDG-APP_FIN_EDITION_05 and CA-MDG-APP-FIN_CR_TYPES_05 and try.

Let me know if it works for you.