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BATCH process error

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good day to everyone,

Am using BI7, am doing the transaction loading for confirmation, data is loaded successfully in DSO, problems occur during the ACTIVATION of data, it turns red everytime I activate it, and the error is " Resource error. No batch process available. Process terminated ". Please help me on this guys, your help will be highly appreciated. thanks.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Mark,

I think this problem remains unanswered.

The issue behind this problem is, during parellel activation the child jobs acknowledge the parent job about status. If the child job takes long time to read data from active data table, then it times out and fails.

Check the primary index on Active data table and it should be missing in your case. See the se11 index or db02 missing indexes. That is the reason that causes time out. Rebuild the primary index by asking your basis folks and repeat the activation. It should succeed.



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Are you using Process Chain

in that case go to the process type = "Activate datastore data" -->maintain variant --->Hit " Parallel Processing " button change it to dialog process,select" parallel generators "option

Number of processes = 3



2)DS-Sid generation

Above activity must be done separately for every single ODS you have.

If not using Process chain ..

goto transaction RSODSO_SETTINGS and maintain the aforementioned settings there for the ODS.

In addition there is an OSS which is in german

Hinweis 993272 - P11:DSO:Parallelitätseinstellungen DSO-Aktivieren/Versidden

Hope it Helps