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we are using a SAP system as user base for our enterprise portal. The authentication is a form based one.

I know that the default loginmodule used is basicpasswordloginmodule.class located in security.jar

I want to implement a new loginmodule similar to the above except that i need one minor change.

for that to happen, i want to know where in the "Basicpasswordloginmodule.class", the acutal verification of username/password is done.. i.e.

I went through the code of BasicPasswordLoginModule.class, but couldnt find the place where it is

where is it talking to SAP system?

which function module is it talking to for verification purpose?

Please help me in this regard.

Thank you

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Answers (4)

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For 7.31, it is located in which can be found in j2ee\cluster\bin\security\lib\private

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Hi ,

check the below link and understand how the procedure works

Koti Reddy

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Can you tell us where to find BasicPasswordLoginModule.class is? in security.jar? where is that?

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Hi Reddy,

portal takes this authentication mathod from authscheme.xml file . you can find this in config tool..and you can change there the reference of ur login module....u can see the changes in portal...system admin -> system config -> um config -> direct editing...loginauthscheme.default

hope this ll help u



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Hi Amit,

Thanks for the reply. but what i am askign for is bit different. I didnt change the authschemes.xml, so by default it should be BasicPasswordLoginModule.

I want to know which RFC is being used for authentication and where can i find in the BasicPasswordLoginModule the calls to that particualr RFC.

would be great if you could help me !