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Basic Steps to setup CR XI (R2)

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please allow me one mor question:

I have several Problems with CR XI - so I want to setup CR XI from the beginning:

My Question: Which Service Packs an Hotfixes etc. are recommended to get an optimal and error free Installation ?

I have purchased a box with Crystal reports XI.

This is not automatically Release 2, isn' t it?? (Until now I have worked with the Trial Version called "CR XI Rel. 2 trial")

How do I change CR XI to CR XI Rel 2? Why is that necessary?

What are the next steps?

Which Service Packs should be installed on this initail CR XI - Installation?

Is it recommended to install immediately the SP4 Incremental or should the earlier SPs be installed before?

And after having installed everything : Which Merge Modules are then recommended??

Is there any Step-by-Step-Documentation which brightens the darkest secrets of CR-Handling?

Thanks very much and nice Weekend.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Miko,

-- 'You can contact you Accounts Manager for your license upgrade information with in your agreement details they are enclosed'.

--'You can find the CR XI R2 in ESD Site where the login credentials are provided to you earlier when you purchase the product.

--As the functionalities are same for both CR XI and CR XI R2, where some limitations in CR XI are recovered in CR XI R2.

--No Need to install Hot Fixes when you are installing these service packs.

--Due to some internal problems with service pack 3 of crystal xi they have removed from site and all those are fixed with in service pack 4, try to install service pack 4.

--Yes , but it is prefered to install Cr XI release 1.

Hope this will help you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Miko,

You will have to follow the sequence to maintain your Crystal Reports XI to run error free :

--Install the product which you registered for (CR XI)

--You will have to install Service Packs / Fix packs in a sequence order Like : Install SP 1 then 2,3 and 4.

--Upgrading from CR XI to CR XI R2, depends on your licence agreement. If your product licence is upgradable then you can download CR XI R2 and install.

--Download the Service Packs / Fix Packs from below link



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Hi Sastry,

thanks for your answer.

- Where Do I see wether my license is upgradable? I cannot find any information.

- CR XI is offered in the Online-Shop - where is CR XI Rel 2? Is it a Version no longer offered? Why is the trial version CR XI Rel 2?

- What is the difference between these two versions. There is no information available anywhere.

- You wrote that all the SPs have to be installed one after another. What about the "HotFixes". Do I have to install them too - can you be so kind and tell me more about the manner to update and fix please?

- where is Service Pack 3 for release 1 - it is not there - only 1, 2 and 4 ???

- So - this is the most important question (please answer it if you read it): Is CR XI Release 1 identical with CR XI???

(Because in the Combo Box on the Download Site there are both CR XI an CR XI Release 1 listed.)

Thank you very much.


P.S. Why did you move my thread to "Report Design" ?

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