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Basic master data doubt

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hi Gururs,

i have a very basic doubt in master data

for eg:

Zmaterial (Infoobject)

i have already loaded master data into this infoobject






and now i have included this Zmaterial into an infocube

and loaded the transaction data and the infocube is having the following infoobjects

zmaterial, Zmatgroup,

and i am trying to load the transaction data

100, MA1

101, MA3

105, MA6

so here the first two records are having master data already so that will create the

sid values to this first records

so my doubt is how this last record is handled

1. will this record zmaterial 105 will be included into the Zmaterial infoobject and then creates the sid with the corresponding value in the infocube.

2. Or else it will not allow the loading of transaction data where their is no master data.

thanks and regards


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hi HB,

glad to see you again

in infopackage we have option 'update if no master data exist' and 'no update ...', with 'update if no master data exist', the new record will be inserted to master data (material) also.

however it's recommended to upload master data first.

hope this helps.

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It depends on your InfoPackage settings.

If you set as "update even no master data exists" it would update trnasaction data along with absent master data. this unavailable master data records would be written to the MD table(in your case - 105).



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Hi A.H.P

Thanks for the quick response, and how r you doing

thanks to all who responded.