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Hi Gurus,

I have inserted a BASE UNIT of MEASURE into columns in Bex Analyzer but when i display the query the base unit of measure is displaying four extra columns like decimal point, us dollar, kilogram, and not only this its displaying three columns for each key figures like if i have two key figures its displaying 6 columns how to correct this with only usdollar.



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Answers (2)

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is it a requirement to display the base UoM in the columns? You can display it in the rows to make it look less awkward. And if you are saying that your key figures are all in USD then you probably have some data issue? your base UoM should only have units of measures - not currencies. Check the data being loaded into this infoObject in your infoprovider.

For conversion of units you can refer to:

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hi Harish,

when you use keyfigures with unit/currency, bex will also display the unit/currency (usd, kg etc), so you no need to include the base unit in bex column.

hope this helps.