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Barcode Code 39 for Xerox printer

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hi guys,

we are using a Xerox WC 7665 printer in our denmark division. We want to print barcodes from SAP.

We have to buy the barcode software from the xerox shop and we have to buy every single barcode we use.

But the problem is that the barcode names in SAP are different to the barcode names in the xerox Shop.

for example:

in one form we have the barcodes "BC_CD39" and "CD39__00". In the xerox shop we can choose from 34 different barcodes with names like "MB008", "F930003", "MBH03", etc.

We have to pay for every single barcode so buying every barcode is not an option.

Does anyone know how to identify the barcode names? I didn´t find anything on google or the xerox page.

Unfortunately Xerox support didn´t help us.

best regards


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Answers (4)

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Have you considered a software solution for your problem? I have implemented software from this outfit in a global telecom company. Was not expensive, not printer dependent so you could print it on any printer you like from zebra to an inkjet.

One way to tell the barcode is to have a sample and just read it with a barcode reader.


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this form uses Sapscript as far as i know.

We will change to ADS in future. But for now we have to solve this problem.


Tobias Nagel

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If you print via smartforms, you can create barcodes using the SAP new barcode technolgy as described in the SAP Notes #645158 and #430887. With this method, no third party software or hardware is necessary.



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Dear Tobias,

SAP's print device type support's strategy is called PVP (Printer Vendor Program). Mainstream printer manufacture can participate into it, and SAP leave the device development work to them. So you need to choose proper Xerox's device type.

Xerox just became a PVP member recently, so the device types for SAP are not finished yet. You can find in note Note 1135054:

'The Fuji Xerox device types are still under development.'

But you can contact Xerox by

For barcode printing on Xerox's printer, you can also find

'Xerox Intelligent Barcode Printing Solutions' in the website.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Rafael,

we have installed the correct device type already. And printing does work well. The problem is the correct barcode

definition. In SAP I can see the barcode definition BC_CD39. The printer won´t print this barcode because it doesn´t

have it installed. In the Xerox Online Shop you can choose between 34 different CD39 barcodes but the definitions are

not the same as it is in SAP. I don´t know which one i should get.

I already tried to contact Xerox but they didn´t support us because we don´t have a support contract or something like that...

It is more or less not a SAP problem. I hope someone has experience in this area and helps me.

best regards

Tobias Nagel