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Barcode Alignment & Font Problem in Label while printing through smartforms

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Iam printing po number and barcode on a label using smartforms.

Here iam facing some problem...

The label feeding to the printer is poitrait but i am printing the purchase order number and barcode in landscape on the label by setting some attributes in the command node of the main window ( These attributes are required to rotate the text throught 90 degrees)

Iam able to succussfully print in landscape by setting those attributes, but my problem is iam not the barcode is not getting printed from the centre of the label but the purchase order number is getting printed correctly as defined in the smartsytle ie : the alignment.

But for the barcode i tried all possible wasys ie :

a) Alignment in smartstyle.

b) Move the position of the window ie : 15mm right where the label should start

c) Setting the SAP output device attributes ie : vertical width & Horizantal width in SPAD tcode

d) To increase the font size i have increase the font size in charecter format of the style and also in SE73.

But no above option is working iam still not able to move the barcode to the right.. but it is still printing from the start of the label

How can i correct it any help will be appreciated..



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Answers (1)

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I'm not sure if this is the same type of problem you're having or not, but it sounds similar so here is what we have done in the past.

We needed a rotated barcode on a SMARTFORM and we used SE73 to create a system barcode. When we placed the rotated barcode on the form it was not in the right position when it printed out. The barcode was assigned to a specific window as a text node and the appropriate paragraph format for the barcode was selected so that the output would be displayed as a barcode and not a number.

We finally got the barcode in the position we wanted by moving the window to various spots in the SMARTFORMS UI and looking at the print preview to see where it decided to print it. In the end, the barcode window in the SMARTFORMS UI was nowhere near the actual printout position but since it worked for our purposes we have dealt with that little quirk.

Not sure if this is something you've already tried.