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Bar code printing problems

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I've included Crystal reports viewer into project, created output list and sent it to viewer... In report there is field which is printed in PDF417x font, as 2D barcode.

In previous versions (Crystal reports for VS2008 & VS 2008) everything worked (almost) fine... Almost is because on screen barcode was missmatched but print on paper - everything was OK...

Now, I've upgraded to VS2015, downloaded CR for VS 13.0.9 and bar code is mismatched on screen AND on the paper... Is there any way that I could fix this?

Before, there was problem with exporting reports to PDF but then I've made changes in registry as stated here:

Export from CR viewer worked fine afterwards, but, printing on paper is still not showing OK.

I have Visual studio 2015 installed, Crystall reports from this page (,+Developer+for+Visual+Studio+Downloads) v and adequate runtime for 64 bit machine. Operating system is Windows 10.

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Danijel,

There may be issues with the barcode font itself, must be an updated version, support .NET and TrueType font.

Do you have a link to download the font you are using?

Have you tried IDAutomations version:

Oops, I found this KBA -

Unfortunately 2D barcodes are not supported in CR D or SDK.

Click on the Idea Place link in the KBA and vote up to add this feature to the products.

Thanks again

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