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Bar code field change from Equipment number to Inventory number


Hi Team,

In current SSAM 2305 version Equipment is the field which is read by the bar code scanner for filter. We want to change the field to some other equipment master data field. Could you Pls help how we can achieve this. 

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That list screen is  Notice line 54.  That is where the query options that populate the list are kept.  Every time you scan a barcode, that rule will run and repopulate the list using the built in search variable that is passed to that rule from the scan.

In order to change what is searched for, you would need to modify the query in EquipmentQueryOptions.js.  Look at lines 35-41.  Those lines control the searches.  You would need to modify those lines to add another search against your new field.  If the field is on the Equipments entity, then you can just add a line like line 35 that checks the equipment description.  If the field exists in a linked nav entity, you would need to provide the entity/property like in lines 39-40.