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Bar chart in WAD

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Hi All,

I have Vehicle and Supplier in the rows and key figures 01, 02, 03 in columns, this query is used in the wad template where the user can select the required KF(can be multiple)

1) i need the keyfigures to be displayed in descending order by its value, i used condition bottomN but the problem is i defined the condition on each KF but seems like its not working when i filter by choosing the KF's.

2)the values of the barchart are displyed as 1,23 insted of 1.23, tried to format it as number 0.00 but doesnot work

3)i have two characteristics in row vehicle type supplier

the result is something like this

vehicle supplier KF1

veh1 XYZ 1.1

veh2 abc .99

veh3 xyz 0.1

veh4 abc 2.2

can i display all the vehicles belonging to XYZ in one color and abc in other color, i can diaply the bar graph something like this now

veh1/xyz 1.1

veh2/abc .99

veh3/xyz .1

veh4/abc 2.2



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1)You can sort the KF only by a characteristic , hence bottom N will not work. you could explore the option of having them sorted by Vehicle or Supplier

2)Did you check the user parameters for display of the numbers ? if the same tallly , then maybe you can have a look at the IGS service , sometimes this happens if the IGS is not properly synced...

3) The colors of the bar chart are by the columns , as for having XYZ in a particular color , I am not too sure if that can be done , you could however have different colors for each KF.

Hope this helps..


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Thanks for the reply Arun,

by user parameters for display of the numbers do you mean the number format for the Data label? i changed it to 0.00 but its still showing as 0,00 how can i look at IGS services?

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Hi Shetty,

try to use the following label format:


Using the $Sep indicator might help you further. Also check out



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a complete list of IGS number formats is in note 1064448.

Regards, Kai

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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can any one help me with this please

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any help on this is really appreciated.

thank you,