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Bapi incominginvoice_create gross amount issue

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Hi team,

I am creating the invoice through bapi_incominginvoice_create and passing gross value and checking calculate tax indicator, so I do not know what is the actual tax amount hence in gross amount field I am passing net value ,but when I try to post I get a error of debit and credit amount is not matching return message and what is the amount difference,so after that when I add that difference amount + net value to gross amount field and check calculate tax then document gets posted .

For now to resolve the issue I am running the Bapi in simulation mode and taking the value and then adding the value which comes in return message and doing the actual posting by calling again the same Bapi ,but this may lead to performance issue.

Hence am I missing to fill any other field In first step,could you please me in solving the issue.

Thanks in advance.


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