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Hi All

I am using this BAPI to get the Header Data of a Sales Order.

While executing it, I usually fill in the Business Partner No. and get the GUID of Sales order (I preassume) which I use to get the details of that Sales Order.

(I only get the GUID in return and the other parameters are not filled, Can somebody cite a reason for this)

Now I am using this BAPI in a FM which I am creating and I want it to return GUIDs (and other parameters if possible) of only a certain Business Partner.

How do I go about it?

(The FM I am creating will be used in the mobile client as a Bapi Wrapper)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I get a little confused by your mail. I will start with your Qustion ....

Well, you ask how to get GUIDs for a specific Business Partner. Upfron you say: you start the GETLIST by entering the Bussiness PArtner and the return is the List of GUIDs of related Orders. Well, from the question this is exactly the same as you asked later for.

The items are not filled, because it is the getlist handler. The only thing a GETLIST handler has to do is to return the GUID and nothing else. Performance and data load wise it does not fill anything else - it did in the past unfortunately. So now to get the details it calls the getdetail handler for each GUID delivered by the GETLIST handler. Well, in your case you are writing your own BAPI you say. So it is up to you I think: Call the GETLIST handler for the Partner you are after. Then you have the GUIDs as a result. Call th GETDETAIL handler for each GUID - so you have all fields you are after - and then filter the information you have to your needs.

That is the fastes way - the most performant way would be to write the stuff from scratch based on your needs.



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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the reply. After reading it I too found that my question my confusing and did not actually was a question

I have worked on the problem and my getlist and getdetails FM are now working

I think the problem was that my lack of understanding of coding in ABAP, but now the problem is solved.

Thanks for the reply again


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