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bankdetails mapping

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I am trying to set up the customer repository that comes with MDM 5.5 sp5.


The steps I followed


<li>Extracted countries and other details using program ZMDME_EXTRACT_CUSTOMERS_553

<li>Extracted the bank deatils xml using program ZMDME_EXTRACT_BANKS_553. It has the

<li>Extracted debmdm using MDM_CLNT_EXTR (tried MDMC also)

<li>Imported all the lookup tables data, reference data.

<li>Imported bankdetails data


when trying to import debmdm, there is an issue in mapping related to bankdetails. The source value is showing up as <b>US, 1297314981, Citibank</b> but the destination corresponds to <b>United States, 1297314981, Citibank</b>.

Is there a conflict in SP versions?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Xi_Ted,

You should also check out 1 more thing about the extract program that you should choose.


In my case I was working with MDM 5.5 SP04 and hopefully the file extracted by the program ZMDME_EXTRACT_CUSTOMERS_553 supported it.

Hence ZMDME_EXTRACT_CUSTOMERS_555 will be ideal for you. Hence check out for the 2 points that i mentioned.

Hope it will work now.

Thanks and Regards

Nitin jain

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Hi Nitin,

the extractor ZMDME_* are neither usable nor supported with SP05. Starting with SP05 we offer transaction MDMGX for the same purpose. Plese refer to SAP Note 964991 for more details.

BR Michael

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Guys, sorry it took so long to get back.

I was trying to implement the note 964991. I had to face lot of issues, because I don't have basis support on the sandbox.

Based on that note I imported the transports for ECC5 ws640 sp12. But the snote is giving error "SAP Note does not contain valid correction instructions."

Do I need to update snote? Is there a workaround?


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never mind. i got the note installed. I didn't read the note properly. I don't need to implement the note via snote.