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Bank Statement posting date is required to be same as of the transaction date

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Dear Expert,

We are on S/4 HANA Cloud.

In the current scenario for the CAMT.053 reports(bank statement) we get the Previous Day Report (PDR) so the transactions for the date 08/14/2023 will come on 08/15/2023. When we get the file on 08/15/2023 system uses the file date as posting date.

In the above example instead of using 08/15/2023 we want to system use 08/08/2023 (transaction dates) as posting date.

We are not finding a way to do the required configuration for the above such requirement.

Could you please help on the above.

Thanks in Advance,

Rajan Jha

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Hi, you could use a FIORI APP: Map Format Data for Incoming Files from Banks and make manual mapping in CAMT53 format - and choose right date from XML NODE.