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bandwidth between BI4 Server and Database Server

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Hello everyone,

I want to install BusineesObjects BI4.2.

I've got a BI4 server in one city and a database server in an other city. I need to know how many bandwidth use a request with SAP to know if my connction is OK or if i need more...

Have you got a requirment manuel about it ? Have you got a minimum recommandation about the link ? 1MB ? 2 MB ? More ?

Thanks for your help.


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Answers (3)

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1MB and 2MB is too low for a company to handle BI enterprise setup between DB. There is no specific guidelines for how much bandwidth is required from SAP. But your network should be able to tell what will be the speeds. I guess, DB is setup in the offsite, not just for BO, may be other applications might be using it. It is the your company infrastructure call what is the optimal speed required.

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it is not recommended to have DB and BO in different cities.
Some of this is covered here :

rest is common sense.
The bandwidth depends on amount of data you're going to pull.

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Thank you so much. I told about this with my DBA and we calculated the amount of data and the bandwidth.