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Bakup did not start at the scheduled time?????

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Hi all

Yesterday I scheduled my backup as usual at 1:00am and to my surprise the logs showed me that the backup was started at 9:30am in the morning............

In the morning when I tried to login I could not, I saw the status of the database it was shut down so I manually started the database which caused the backup that was started at 9:30am(which i could not see that it was running) terminated with errors.....................

Can any one please tell me how come the backup did not start at the scheduled time. However the backup of the next day was sucessfull.



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Hello Jaipal,

I suspect that an 'sapdba' session or 'brspace' session was active on the OS level.

Some user must have kept this session active knowingly or unknowingly.

The offline backup was waiting for the active session to complete / end.

The session probably was ended / terminated around 9:30 am

(Maybe the user terminated the sapdba / brspace session at 9:30 in the morning after resuming the office work)

The backup started as soon as the sapdba / brspace session was terminated / ended.


Ammey Kesarkar

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thanks for your reply, i forgot to state one very imp thing ie my archive logs were full, my consideration is that due to this the database could not shutdown at the time of scheduled time it started when i moved some archive log files to other destination. Please correct me if i am wrong.

thank you