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BADIs/ Exits etc for customising the view of SAP Inbox

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Hi All,

We have a requirement in which we have to customize the view of the workflow inbox (SBWP).

We know, on the L.H.S of the inbox the workitems are clubed according to tasks, contents etc. Is there a way to create additional custom folders here. Like a dedicated folder for FI Workflows, a dedicated folder for HR Workflows etc.  (Not via Tasks)

Are there any BADIs. EXITs etc for the same

Also on the R.H.S where the workitems are listed we can add dynamic columns via configuration in T-Code SWL1. But we can add upto 12 additional columns.

Is there a way to add more than12 columns here via programming approach i.e any exit/badi etc


Sameer Tapre

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Creation of folders is not possible. The four existing levels are the ones to go with.

You can try to achieve  grouping by using the sort key.

Create an object for that in SWO1 with a text keyfield. Add this object to the container of your workflow in PFTC and give the key an initial value like FI, HR, ... Then in the task binding move this object to element _WI_GROUP_ID.

Also the use of dynamic columns is limited by design. To my knowledge there are only 6 dynamic columns available. The mentioned badi WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN will not help you in extending this. This badi is purely used for performance reasons, look at Note 764707 - Performance in Business Workplace

Just note that using a sort key and / or dynamic columns has a performance impact on SBWP. If you have users with a lot of workitems ( already > 500 ), the performance impact can be huge taking the inbox minutes to show everything.



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  I don't know folder creation is possible or not. But for accessin Dynmic column there is a BADI WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN.