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BADI Implementation

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Hi everybody,

While installing and customizing MAU (Mobile Asset Management for utilities) I came to a step within the documentation for the customizing, which says:


This activity is part of the IMG since release IS-U/CCS 4.72. For earlier releases, use

transaction SE19 to implement the BAdI ISU_MU_I03_GET_CUST (Read customizing for

Periodic Meter Reading).


Does that really mean, I have to start implementing to be able to get a standard product (MAU) running?

I see that this question is a little bit off topic, but I didn't find any forum more appropriate.



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Hi, Alexander,

If a previous verion you can set the badi as below but make sure to change the value of the when "USER1" to you users. IN the newwer version of MAU, there is a customizing table where you set the user to the variant to selecte the Meters to read but in earlier versions, this table is not created. as a workaround, you need to create your variants for the meter readings and place all the match the user with the correct case statement with the appropriate variant also set.

See code below. Hope this helps you out. You can still install the MAU and if you dont do this part, then you will not get periodic metering reading but the rest should be ok




  • Get User customizing from BADI instead of IMG table

clear: ableser, variant.

case user.

when 'USER1'.

ableser = '001'.

variant = 'MAU'.

when others.

  • nothing