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Bad URL in BSP applications for login

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I have some BSP applications using the following URL for login (standard SAP login page):


this URL for login works good with a WAS 6.20 but not with a WAS 6.40

Does anybody have an idea of why ? or if there is another login page to call in the WAS 6.40 to have the same functionality ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Eric,

in fact, there is a new login application available in 6.40, a lot easier to integrate and with more features than the old system application.

To activate do the following: in SICF - at the tabrider where you configure the redirect to ../system/login.htm - you can find a checkbox labeled 'System Logon'. Setting this checkbox enables the new logon. The button 'Settings' opens another window where you can configure fields, default values, styles etc.

Documentation is at

There is a set of weblogs in work to cover customization. In case you have further questions open a thread in this forum with topic '6.40 System Logon'.

What is the error or problem which you get using the redirect to .../system/login.htm in 6.40?

regards, Ulli

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Ulli is right, the basically redid the login feature in the 640 with a ton of customizing features and functionalities. Saw some of it at TechEd thanks to some friendly folks in attendence.

If I could just get my boss to order an upgrade.

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