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Backward Compatibility Question

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Our ADS system is running with Basis 7.0 SAPKB70005

Can we develop forms on systems with a lower Basis version e.g. 6.4?

Are there backward compatibility issues?



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Answers (2)

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backwards will cause compatebillity issues

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Hi Lavaughn

it depends a bit on what you want to do.

If you want to develop the form on the 6.40 box and then render it with the 7.0 Application Server, the answer is No, as the solution always needs to be on the same NW level (i.e. either '04 or 2004s). SAP development always coordinates changes between Designer, ADS, Reader, and the SAP development environment - and there are a few incompatible changes between '04 and 2004s.

If you want to develop and render the forms on the 7.0 box and integrate data from a lower-release backend (e.g. R/3 Enterprise), you can do that for interactive scenarios using RFC connections to transfer the data and/or the PDF form from system to system.

Do not attempt to do this for print forms. The amount of data that may have to be transferred will heavily impact the form generation time.

Kind regards,

Markus Meisl

SAP NetWeaver Product Management