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Hi Team,

Iam able to take backup from DB13 t,code.iam follwoing (whole online backup + redo log backup).

I have a small doubt.I have total 813 files in my orarch folder.when i did BRARCHIVE with function code " create the first copy of offline redo log files----'-s' ",iam able to take the total 813 files backup, but next time when carrying the same process it is counting only 2 0r 3 offline redo log files which are newly added. Hopw can i take backup for all the 813 files backup daily. *Which function code of redo log backup schould i choose for taking all the 813 files backup daily. which function of redo log files backup schould i choose for taking all the offline 813 files backup daily.

thank you.

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1) Offline redolog are need to backup till you take an Whole/Full Offline backup from DB13. Once you take offline backup of your database there is no need of these redolog files.

2) File once backup by brarchive are stamped by the process & will not take backup again. Still if you want to backup the files then you can copy it to another location (shared disk) by simply copy command.



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Virendar is right

if u want to take the backup of the offline redo logs daily, u have to check it out and manually copy into another location.