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Background jobs for MAM

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Hi all,

I'm double-checking my configuration of a MAM environment (MI 2.5 SP13, WebAS 6.40 SP13, MAM 2.5 SR2) and I was following the Installation Guide for MI and Configuration Guide for MAM.

In configuration guide for MAM, it asks for scheduling background jobs for replication that will call the ABAP Program MEREP_REPLICATOR_START.

In installation guide for MI, it asks for scheduling these ones, too, and other ones: Background Jobs for the Client Data Distributor, that will call ABAP Program MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR. Is this program relevant for the MAM scenario? If so, why is it not mentioned on MAM documentation?

All the periodical background jobs I have scheduled in my Middleware are:

- One that calls program WAF_DEPLOYMENT_FROM_ROLES

- One that calls program WAF_MW_MAPPING

- One that calls program MEREP_REPLICATOR_START for all Timed 2-Way SyncBOs

Are these enough or should I schedule others?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Daniel,

The program MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR(Client Data Distributor) determines delta data independent of a download request from the client.This is mainly used to reduce the load on the server and scheduling of this program is part of "SAP MI Administration" which is generally performed as part of OR after MI Post Installation steps that recommends you to Schedule Background Jobs for Generic and Smart Sync which you wanted to confirm in your post.So the programs




are good enough for scheduling Generic & Smart Sync(in your case for MAM).Apart from these you may have to check up the Handler Settings that is mentioned in my previous post.

Hope this helps.



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