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Background job mass creation program

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You'd better reformat your post. If I understand well, you want to make it a BLOG POST but you posted it as a question. The important part (the text of your blog post) is in an attachment, nobody will read it without an explanation. Also your code should be formatted with colors and so on -> see here:

Also, your ABAP code is very very long, better put it in an attachment.

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This program was either written in 1999, or written recently in the same style as one would write a program in 1999.

That is not to say it does not work, I am sure it does.

However, things have moved on a bit in the last 25 years, one small example is that TYPE-POOLS are obsolete now, we now have this "OO" thing, header lines should no longer be used and so on.

Some might say, what does it matter, it still works does it not? If the answer to such a question is not obvious then nothing I could possibly write would make any difference.

Cheersy Cheers