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Backend Data Options for UWL

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We are looking to implement a completely custom workflow application into the portal... with data for each item stored in a SQL DB.

Can we get to this data and expose it through the UWL interface or are we limited to "SAP Business Object Repository (ABAP BOR), Business Workflow container (Webflow Container), User Management Engine (UME)" as the "How To" guide indicates?



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Unfortunately, as of now there is no public UWL API to provide items into the worklist.

Data from the objects you mention can only be retrieved as UWL custom attributes for existing work items from Business Workflow. It won't help you to create new items.

In case this is actually your intention (to use Business Workflow and to enhance the work items with custom attributes), it's not possible either, since the limitation you mention exists. Direct retrieval from the SQL DB is not supported.