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Backbone readiness report

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Is there report we can run that confirms that all the SAP Backbone Update is complete and that we are ready before the January 2020 deadline?

Is this the same report via SAP Note 2738426 (SAP_BASIS_CONFIG_OSS_COMM)

Looking for a report that when executed, checks and confirms that the system is already connected to the new backbone. Thanks


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Active Contributor

Hello Rahim,

With the introduction of digitally signed SAP Notes, various procedures or modes are offered for downloading the SAP Notes. After successfully executing task list SAP_BASIS_CONFIG_OSS_COMM, system will still use RFC destination SAPOSS as default option to download digitally signed SAP Notes. Starting 1st January 2020, downloading SAP Note using RFC procedure will no longer be supported for NetWeaver 740 and higher.

You need to choose a download procedure between Download Service Application or HTTP Protocol. I have tested my system by updating a download procedure, this way I can confirm that SAP Note is getting downloaded from new backbone.


SE38 > RCWB_SNOTE_DWNLD_PROC_CONFIG. Change the select method to download SAP Note to "HTTP Protocol" and provide RFC destination that got created as part of task list you have executed.

SAP recommends downloading only digitally signed SAP Notes. You could encounter instances wherein you are unable to download digitally signed SAP Note or digitally signed SAP Note is not available. You are given the provision to download SAP Notes that are not digitally signed (unsigned SAP Notes). For this, you should configure your system to download the unsigned SAP Note.

NOTE: Downloading unsigned SAP Notes from Note Assistant (SNOTE Transaction) will no longer be supported from 1st January 2020.

You use this report to define the type of file (unsigned or digitally signed) for downloading the SAP Notes.


Once you have performed above changes you can hash out SAPOSS RFC and you can download any random SAP Note and now it will use HTTP proctocol which is connected to updated SAP backbone to download digitally signed SAP Note. This way you are sure that SAP Note didn't got downloaded using SAPOSS RFC connection.

Earlier it was downloading from RFC Connection SAPOSS


Dennis Padia.

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Hello Experts,

after preparing Solman for new connections, ST03N still shows usage of RFC SAPOSS in jobs:


maybe others also. Will that be changed automatically by SAP in January 2020 or can we do that controlled, and test beforehand ?

Kind Regards,