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Back groundjob

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HI All

HOw can we submit 3 programs in Back ground with in 1 job.

Thanku .

Pavan Reddy.

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Answers (2)

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Here is the procidure

Execute transaction SM36

Define Job name, Job class, Target server

Click on 'START CONDITION' button

Click on 'Date/Time' button

Enter Scheduled start DATE & TIME. Check mark 'Periodic Job' field. Click on 'Period values' button and select 'Hourly' or 'Dialy' or 'Weekly' or 'Monthly' or Other period and SAVE. Go back to main screen.

Click on 'STEPS' button and enter Program name and Variant under box 'ABAP Program'. Click on 'Print Specification' button and enter Printer name under 'Output device' and SAVE

  • Here in Stpes, you can create as many steps as you wish, and each step you need to create a program, so you can create 3 steps for your requirment

Click on SAVE button until you get message on bottom of the screen that describes 'Job XYZ saved with status: Scheduled'.

Click on 'Job overview' button or execute SM37 transaction.

Select the appropriate 'Job name', 'User name', 'Job Status' & Schedule date under 'Job start condition' and click on 'Execute' button or press F8.

You will now see all your scheduled JOBS.

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In SM36, you can define for 1 job more jobsteps. As many, as you needed.

1 jobstep = 1 program.

Just click on the jobsteps button.