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Axis Adapter - Dynamic Config

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Hi All,

I am struggling with the Axis adapter .

I am trying to use the XI30DynamicConfigurationHandler to read a varialble from the context and set it in Dynamic Configuration.

I cannot even get one of the existing variables to work.

I have the FAQ, but frankly its unclear and confusing.

Is anyone able to share the keys value parameters i need to use to get a ( any ) variable into the DC ? If i can get that working I can probably work out the rest.

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Try this link


and check SAP Note 1039369 - FAQ XI Axis Adapter ?



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Hi Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have been though that and i have the FAQ which is terrible, no documentation about what the parameters are or the options for them.

I am hoping someone has this working and can give me a working example I can start from.

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Hi Jon,

just check out this picture from the FAQ folders: dc_read_hdr.png

isn't this exactly what you need ? (reading from header and setting dynamic config) ?

if not please let us know in more details what you need to achive so we can help,


Michal Krawczyk

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Yes, That is what we were trying to do, however the setup as shown there wasn't working.

A collegue of mine got it working - i still don't really understand what i was doing wrong.

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Hi Jon,

Any chance you could post an explanation of what your colleague did in order to save others work around the same issue?

The FAQ has some great info, but the community cannot improve upon it unless it becomes a wiki at some point.