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Avoid to have several different Roles to maintain

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Hi ,

I'm new to the portal admin/development. Until now when we have a new "functionality" we copy a existent portal role and remove or add "pages"/"i-views" to it . So we have many roles which are very similar and that become challenging to be maintained .

Is there another solution (Portal framework) to hide or allow some "pages"/"i-views" to users without having to create and assign different roles .

For the moment role A can have pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 role B will = role A without page 7 .

Any presentations or information will be welcome .


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Answers (2)

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U can try creating custom component which can hide the unwanted iViews or pages. Add all the pages to the role and assign the role to all the users. Now u can maintain a table for user and pages relation. So from the custom component, u can search the user from the table and control the visiblity of the pages dynamically. This component can be added to default framework page as an iView so that everytime the user logs in, the component runs and hides the unwanted pages.


Harini S

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This seems to be a design related problem, Think about your deign carefully. You can group the users in Groups and assign roles to the Groups.

I won't call it a solution, because it will have very high performance impact but you can keep a role with common content, and then at runtime you can add iView/Page.