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Avoid locking in POWL queries

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hi Experts,

In SAP SRm we have some POWl queries in HOME->Shopping Area screens. The requirement is to to avoid locking  (message Query locked in another seesion ) message when same query is accessed in two parallel sessions. How to do this. Please shadowing concept does not seem to apply here.


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Hi Vinitha,

POWL shadowing is used to allow multiple instances of the same query to be accessible at the same time.

Powl Shadowing helps in Locking issues.

Please find the below link.

How to avoid query locks using POWL Shadowing - Supplier Relationship Management - SCN Wiki

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Sankara

i didnt understand the requirement

You can manually delete the entries by logging into SM12 .

However this is a standard behavior and to avoid same document being worked by multiple people at the same time it is needed. This special lock mechanism synchronizes access to data on the database to avoid duplicate data being saved.

This is not just for POWL but across all Tcodes and  things you do in SRM or any other module.

You need to follow up with the basis team if these entries remain in system for long.

Check Sm21 logs as well and see if any error gets reported and also see if this is specific to a particular transaction then it could be due to a code issue also ..

Refer the below link

SM12 - Lock Concept - Basis Corner - SCN Wiki

Shadowing is the only option I believe did you implement the note and did all the changes for the needed webdynpro component and follow all steps as mentioned in the wiki ?

1118693 - POWL Shared memory implementation



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Hi Vinitha,

Yes I did the shadowing by enhancing the WD Component configuration /SAPSRM/POWL_CONFIG . But for POWLs listed in "My Shopping Area" section, I do not see any WD component configuration.