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Availability+ Use Cases NW 7.1x, JAVA and ABAP

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First of all, this post is about NW 7.1 (not: 7.01 / 7.0 EhP1.... just stating that because this is often confused). I am trying to understand (for both JAVA and ABAP version), (a) what is availability and (b) what products are they used (i.e. required or optional) for? I did quite some extensive search, however not sure I have all the details. Here my understanding:

NW 7.1 WAS JAVA: That's available since quite some time in GA. In fact, there also is NW 7.2 (in GA) and NW 7.3 (in RU). The top use cases (in terms of adoption) are for CE/VC, and for XI/PI, but also e.g. ACC.

NW 7.1 AS ABAP: That's available since quite some time in restricted shipment only ("only avail. for spec.Add-Ons"). The top use cases are industry apps, like for example Banking Applications.

Perhaps most importantly, the following apps are NOT available on NW 7.1+ (JAVA / ABAP): ERP/ECC, BW, Portal.

Any expert validations most welcome!!!

PS; Also reviewed a link from 2009, but that may be a bit outdated now:

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAP has stopped Dual Stack (ABAP+JAVA) system from Business suite 7 onwards. There you have to install ABAP and Java system separately with different SID because of lot of performance issues.

Check SAP Note 855534 - Dual Stack and SAP Business Suite 7.

But still SAP has given some workaround if you want to install dual stack system. E.g. for BI systems, check SAP Note 1181025 - NW7.0 EHP1 - Install BI Dual Stack System (Workaround).



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